If You’ve Self-Published, You Can’t Remain Just a Writer

Far more books are self-published now than traditionally published. Technology has allowed anyone comfortable with Microsoft Word to publish a print-on-demand paperback or eBook. Writing and publishing are not the same thing. It seems I should not have to write that sentence because it is so obvious, yet few writers… Read more“If You’ve Self-Published, You Can’t Remain Just a Writer”

Author Earnings Report For 2017 (April – December)

The Author Earnings report came out recently for most of 2017. Traditional book sale tracking (Bookscan, PubTrack, AAP) misses about 2/3 of US consumer ebook purchases – mostly because the vast majority of ebooks are published without ISBN numbers. Author Earnings does not miss them. And, now they have improved… Read more“Author Earnings Report For 2017 (April – December)”

Reset Your Expectations – Improve Your Life

I believe expectations are key factors related to our happiness or unhappiness. Unrealistic expectations, driven by a multi-billion dollar positive thinking industry and the advertising business, have created an environment of perpetual dissatisfaction. Consider the following scenario. My wife and I are going on vacation. Our respective expectations regarding the… Read more“Reset Your Expectations – Improve Your Life”

While We Shun Science, China Fills the Vacuum

While we focus on revitalizing a 19th century coal-based energy infrastructure: China surpasses the United States in annual patent applications, is now No. 2 in peer-reviewed research articles and in 2014 awarded more than twice as many degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. China is mobilizing its best tech… Read more“While We Shun Science, China Fills the Vacuum”