Road Trips

We have gone to the Lake Tahoe area every year since the late 90s. We own a timeshare there.  This year we decided, for the first time, to drive there. I have said for a while that I wanted to try it. I learned somethings:

There is a whole lot of nothing between here and there! I had high expectations for our journey through Wyoming and Utah, but those states were the most desolate, with a few exceptions near Salt Lake City.  In fact, I preferred eastern Nebraska and most of Iowa to Wyoming, Utah and Nevada. I guess I’m just a midwestern boy.

Whole lotta nothin’ in Wyoming or Utah – who can tell the difference?

I also discovered I am no longer very good at meandering. In 1976 I set off for Alaska – no GPS, no cell phone, no hotel reservations, barely a plan. This trip: I stuck to I-80 and was determined to get to my reserved hotel rather than explore what was around me.

I have another road trip this weekend. I’m going down to a family gathering in Kentucky. I’m determined to meander more. I’ve chosen a route that, for the majority of the trip, keeps me off the interstates. I suppose it will take me far longer to get there, but I am in no hurry and will try to learn how to enjoy the journey.

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