Radish: Something Old Made New Again

Some days I want the world to stop changing, but no one listens to me. 🙂 Apparently eBooks like the Kindle are on the way out and phones are the future. The concept of serialized novels goes way back and is now very popular in China, Japan and Korea. A relatively new company, Radish, is attempting to bring this concept to the US. I don’t think this works for every writer, but some, especially those who can write chapters with “cliffhanger” endings, might want to look into this format. You have to submit your work; this isn’t a self-publishing model. The articles state you are not giving up your eBook or paperback rights, so you can publish here and still put your work out on Amazon.

Articles about Radish:




From the Fast Company article:

The way it works is that anyone can get access to early chapters of Radish’s 700 authors, but if you want to keep reading, you have to pay, anywhere from 20 to 40 cents per chapter. (Those with patience, can wait until those chapters are made available for free a few weeks later.) Revenue generated by these payments is split 50-50 between Radish and its writers. As a result, Lee says the app’s top writer earns $13,000 a month. … “Thanks to Candy Crush and other games,” says Lee, who has the youthful face and windswept hair of a pop star. “People have gotten really used to mobile micro-payments. So we said, why don’t we apply that model to books?” … “The future of e-readers is the future of iPods. You’re not going to hold on to these devices,” he says. “You’re just going to convert to phones … “Reading as a vertical isn’t going to go away,” he goes on. “It’s competing with VR, video games . . . But reading is an everlasting format. So how do you reinvent it on the phone?”