June 21, 2017: Thoughts on Nature

Normally I abhor nature. I am a city boy, far more comfortable on concrete than on grass. Decades ago, when I lived in California and Alaska, I entertained thoughts of living out in the country, but I was always more comfortable in town than I was on a trail. However, today is a stunning day in Illinois. The sun is out, the temperature at 9 AM is 69 degrees and the humidity is at a comfortable 68%. It couldn’t be a whole lot better. The backyard is looking good – the plus being I can just take a picture of it and not feel compelled to do any actual work, though I do have to clear seed pods out of the gutters today before the rains come again Thursday night. As I’ve said before, home maintenance never ends.

On Monday, nature invaded my kitchen. I awoke to find many, many little tiny ants on my kitchen counter. They do not belong there. I got out the chemicals and eradicated the little bastards. I have no qualms about using whatever technology works best once they enter my house. Within minutes the problem was solved. As I found their trail back to the kitchen window, I sprayed that area intensely and they have not returned. You will never completely win the war against ants, maybe just a battle or two. That’s enough for me.

We also have nesting doves in the birch in front of our house. The nest had baby doves earlier in the year and they already departed. Now we have two more! I don’t know a thing about birds, though this surprised me. I figured once they had their babies they were done for the year. This could be another momma bird I suppose. They all look alike. The nest is perfectly placed for viewing or pictures, though we tend to avoid hanging around too long as it appears we get the little ones upset.

Technically, the summer solstice was at 11:24 (Central time, the only time that matters) last night. Seems kind of stupid to have summer solstice, celebrating the day with the longest amount of sunshine, at night. But what do I know about it? So little. I do know we will have light for a long time today, so try and get out an enjoy it.