June 23, 2017: Barely Got 250 In | People Can Change | New Book Released

4:58 and I just got my 250 words done (on my novella-in-process, not this post). It would be so easy to blow it off, but then I would feel so lame. 250 words! It’s not really that much and I can’t think of a good reason I cannot get time to write 250 words, no matter how busy my day. Now I can crack open a Friday evening beer, or have a Manhattan. I sweated over 250 (256 to be exact) novella words today – mission accomplished! It’s the little things in life.

I saw a friend today at the library, one of the errands I attended to today. He is a changed person. He’s turned from an occupy-wall-street type to a raging capitalist! I may have read the signals wrong, but I doubt it. He’s starting his own boutique consulting business and buying and selling stocks like a hedge fund guy online using the new-fangled Robinhood app (which I read about in this article in Fortune). It just goes to show that people can indeed change. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and positive attitude. I tried to voice-of-doom-and-gloom him on the stock market gains, but I don’t think I had any affect. Good for him. What do I know?

Another of my clients released a book this week. It’s called Lighting the Chalice and it’s the history of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva, which was founded in 1842. I did the interior formatting for the book. The cover was done by Tom Lichtenheld. It’s available on Amazon. Visit my book design project page to see what else I’ve worked on.