June 25, 2017: Health Insurance – Again!

I ran across an article last night. It’s written by Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer, MD. It’s something I’ve written about many times in the past, but perhaps he says it better here (emphasis is mine):

“The third party payment system prevents normal market forces from working. The health care providers and hospitals are negotiating their prices with the third party rather than the consumer. The third party payer has a completely different set of interests and priorities than does the consumer/end user. The consumer is never offered a direct, transparent price. The consumer is actually out of the loop! Without transparent prices negotiated between the consumer and the producer (provider), market forces are unable to work. There is no realistic feedback between production and consumption using the pricing mechanism. Innovation is, likewise, not consumer-driven, but rather driven by the interests of the third party.”

Read the entire article!

I know I need health insurance, but I don’t WANT health insurance. What I want is to feel good and have the ability to see and afford a doctor to help me when I don’t feel good. All the effort of the political class seems to be about insurance and less about real health care. They really don’t get it and I think that is due to the influence of lobbyists who make enormous amounts of money by promoting the status quo.