June 30, 2017: Politicians Bad For My Health

I was going to write yet another little post about the Republicans’ latest strategy regarding the health insurance mess. They plan on repealing the Affordable Care Act now, completely, and then replacing it with something else later. But, what’s the point? No one is listening. I’m howling into the wind and once in a great while it feels good, but usually it doesn’t. It feels futile. It feels I have little ability to control my own destiny. And that’s the same feeling that people who voted for the current lunatic occupying the White House felt too. I do understand their anger and frustration. I do wish they didn’t elect this guy. He’s not the right guy for the job and he’s not going to make America great again.

But, back to my original theme. Almost everything that gives me anxiety right now, and that is adversely affecting my health, has been caused by politicians. Health insurance is now my number 1 expense; politicians caused that to get worse. I’m not giving the insurance companies a pass – they are hugely complicit in this, but politicians got together with the insurance industry to make this mess a lot worse than it has to be.

The state of Illinois is a mess. Politicians made promises to interest groups to get votes. They wrote checks they could not cash – they knew they couldn’t make good on those promises, that it would become someone else’s problem in the future. The future is now in Illinois. I don’t know how they are going to fix it, but I suspect it’s going to negatively affect my retirement.

My second largest expense is my property tax. 70% of that tax goes to the schools. I don’t understand why it is so expensive here relative to other places. I have friends in other states that pay a third of what I pay in property tax and their kids are not drooling idiots – they have attended good colleges and gone on to have successful careers. And, my friends don’t feel like they have to move somewhere else because their property tax expenses keep going up and up and up.

Some people say it’s corruption. I’m sure that’s a big part of it. But, I also think a lot of these issues are due to incompetence. We’ve elected a lot of people that tell us that government is the problem, and they are doing their best to prove it to us. They have a vested interest in making it fail and that is on us – that’s our fault for electing people who want to prove to us that government can’t do anything right.