Monday, June 19, 2017

A summer rain. Thunder. A steady hard rain falls. I’m sitting on the screen porch. With no wind right now, I’m staying dry. It’s quite pleasant. I love the sound of the falling rain. We need the rain too. We started out with a pretty wet spring, but June has been pretty dry and the flowers and lawn need this. Although I do notice I probably have to clear off tree seed pods off of one of my gutters – home maintenance just never ends.

I also like rain because it keeps the lawnmowers, weed-whackers and leaf blowers in the garage. Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous. However, one of our neighbors decided it was a good day to set up his table saw in the driveway and cut wood. He cut wood from 10 am or so to 5 pm. He had a whole trailer of wood and he just cut and cut. I live one street away and the noise was loud. I can’t imagine what his immediate neighbors must have thought. I can’t imagine what he was going to build with all that wood either. It was father’s day – both neighbors to the west had their dads over, out in the backyard barbecuing – the noise seemed so obtrusive to the celebrations. But, it was his right to saw wood on his own property if he so chose, and he did.

The rain is slowing now, but there are still plenty of clouds and sounds of thunder in the distance, so I doubt this is over just yet.