July 3, 2017: Struggling to 250

I have faltered. I hit the same brick wall I hit over and over. What to write about? Some days everything I think of seems pointless and trivial.

I just finished a book yesterday called World, Chase Me Down by Andrew Hilleman. It was very good. Hilleman has a way with words and the story was good too. That is a rare combination in my opinion. Usually I get one or the other. One of the themes seemed to be about our legacy. What remains after we’re gone? Will anyone remember us and if they do, what for?

I want my writing to make an impact, to matter. But, it doesn’t and it’s hubris for me to think it will. I’m no deep thinker. I don’t sweat for hours over these little essays I write. I’m like everyone else in this digital world – I put my stuff out there and hope someone reads it, but I really don’t put the effort into making it truly memorable. So, why do I expect to make a difference? Because I see the drivel that gets out and ends up going viral. I see what does make an impact, positive or negative doesn’t really matter, and I figure I can do as well. But, I don’t. 36 more words and I have my 250 in. That’s what it comes down to – one foot in front of the other. Just keep churning out the words and eventually something will come out that makes me remembered. Or not.