The GOP Doesn’t Own It?

What a bunch of losers. They are now in total control of all the branches of government. They are no longer able to be the party of “NO.” That was easy! Now they are in control and they own everything that happens from now on. I saw this in my Bloomberg Markets newsletter today:

“Hot on the heels of the failure of the Republican move to repeal and replace Obamacare, the next threat to the previous administration’s flagship piece of legislation could come before the weekend. The White House has so far not confirmed that it will pay the monthly subsidy — which helps low-income people access health care — due to insurers. The volatile politics surrounding Obamacare has already seen insurers pull back from the plan.”

If the Republicans were to follow the ACA law as it was written, paying the subsidies as the law calls for and enforcing the mandate as the law calls for, and THEN it implodes, well then the law’s own flaws would have caused it to fail and it deserves to be changed or repealed. But, that is not their intent – they intend to sabotage it and guarantee it fails, at which point they WILL own it.

On another note, they intend to appropriate 1.6 billion to the construction of the wall. But, they are attaching that to a defense bill to avoid any debate or discussion. The concept of a border wall is worth a discussion all by itself. It’s not just the money – it’s the idea that we want to erect a wall with our southern neighbor rather than continue to work with them to solve our joint problems. Do we really want to go the East German route? We’re better than that.