We Need to Stop Whining and Start Paying

I recently read that if you are serious about bringing manufacturing back to the United States and replacing immigrant (in some cases illegal) agricultural workers with people born here, be prepared to pay up to 30% more for stuff.

A recent Reuters-Ipsos poll found 69 percent of people surveyed said price is “very important” when they buy something. Only 32 percent said making sure something is made in the United States is “very important” to them.

Back in 2000, American Airlines reconfigured all 700 of its jets to provide “More Room throughout Coach.” American thought the flying public would pay roughly 2-percent more per ticket. The “More Room” initiative failed; people would not pay a few bucks for the extra legroom.

Think about it. People would not pay $4 more on a $200 ticket to get more room, yet we whine incessantly about the lack of space on airplanes.

Can you blame corporations for thinking all we care about is price? Can you blame manufacturers, given this feedback, for moving their facilities to the place with the lowest possible cost? I can’t.

If we’re serious about getting Americans back to work, we have to stop being so stingy.