Trump and Confederate Monuments

Speaking off the cuff, Trump compared Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Lee and Gen. Stonewall Jackson, Confederate commanders during the Civil War. He suggested that the former presidents might face the same fate and have their memorials removed because they owned slaves.

‘You’re changing history,” Trump said. “You’re changing culture.’”

You can’t tell the difference between Washington, who was a slave owner, but fought to create the United States, and Robert E. Lee, also a slave owner, who took up arms to dissolve the United States? Even though both were slave owners, one was a founder of our country and the other a traitor. Clearly, we will not be taking down statues of Washington and Jefferson who were flawed, but not traitors.

No history is being changed or erased. Does Germany need to erect statues honoring Hitler to preserve their history? No, of course not. The culture? That should be changed. The culture of slavery is horrible; we should be ashamed of it and we should fight to erase it every time it appears.