Let’s Just Admit Character Does Not Matter

Bill Clinton. Trump. And now, probably, Roy Moore (he’s leading in the polls in Alabama as I write this). We elect people we know, or strongly suspect, have flawed moral character. We do it because bigger things matter to us more than allegations of harassment and abuse.

Roy Moore allegedly shoved a 16 year old girl’s head in his lap when he was in his 30s – no problem, the Supreme Court appointments are more important. We want to maintain the Republican majority in the Senate.

We hate Obamacare and NAFTA and that is more important than the fact that at least 12 women have come forward to say Trump sexually abused them. They’re liars – of course they are because we want lower taxes!

Twenty-five years ago, we did the same thing regarding Bill Clinton. He told us he felt our pain; he told us what we wanted to hear at the time. We were tired of 12 years of Republican presidents. We wanted a Democrat.The women who came forward with stories of his abuse – a majority of the voters didn’t care; we had bigger things in mind.

Let’s face it: we want our guy to win. We want our tribe to win so that they can get done what we feel needs to be done, for us. Character is less important, unless it’s the other guy’s character and we can use his or her lack of it to further our cause.

Will we pay a price for our lack of concern about character? Of course. We already are.