Author: Kevin J Moriarity

Water Street Studios’ Live Art Series Presents: William Pack’s “Exceptions to Reality: Magic. Mind Reading. Sideshow. Mystery.” – October 27th

Head over to Water Street Studios on October 27th for a performance that is bound to trick and treat just before the Halloween holiday. William Pack’s “Exceptions to Reality: Magic. Mind reading. Sideshow. Mystery.” presents a selection of the strange, wonderful, and bizarre from his award winning performances with special treats (or are they tricks?) […]

2017 Stink Bug Invasion

I took a picture of this lovely not-so-little stink bug on my office window today. We’ve been inundated with these guys this year! They have slacked off some just today, so they are either dead, in my house for the winter, or have moved on to someone else’s house. I haven’t had but a couple […]

My First Stereo

Found this in a drawer today. Used it to listen to part of the Bears game. They did OK today. They are not dead to me yet. I remember having this radio when we still lived in an apartment – that would have been prior to 1968 or 1969. I used to listen to music […]

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