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Self-Publishing Success Offers Advice

John Nicholl (bestselling author of three dark pyschological thrillers): The publishing world has changed, and it’s never been easier to get your work out there. Let the public decide if your books are worth buying. Being an indie gives the author control of the entire process, and for me that’s a plus. Never say never, […]

The Importance of the Book Title

I was thinking about how I bought books before the internet. I would wander to the thriller or mystery section and, generally speaking, I was confronted with mostly book spines. So, what made me take a book out of the shelf? What made me think “Oh – this one will be interesting?” and then flip […]

Open Sky Poets Call For Submissions!

Open Sky Poets will publish a print book of poems, short fiction, and essays. Recently we have seen the tide threaten to turn on time-honored values (freedom of the press, immigration, public education, etc.). The book, currently untitled, will provide a venue for civil discourse on American values. No rants or hate speech. Open Sky […]

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