If You’ve Self-Published, You Can’t Remain Just a Writer

Far more books are self-published now than traditionally published. Technology has allowed anyone comfortable with Microsoft Word to publish a print-on-demand paperback or eBook. Writing and publishing are not the same thing. It seems I should not have to write that sentence because it is so obvious, yet few writers… Read more“If You’ve Self-Published, You Can’t Remain Just a Writer”

Author Earnings Report For 2017 (April – December)

The Author Earnings report came out recently for most of 2017. Traditional book sale tracking (Bookscan, PubTrack, AAP) misses about 2/3 of US consumer ebook purchases – mostly because the vast majority of ebooks are published without ISBN numbers. Author Earnings does not miss them. And, now they have improved… Read more“Author Earnings Report For 2017 (April – December)”